there are three categories of products :
Approximately 70% its product in goes to Export market, mainly to Europe . The Profiles are supplied in as per EN/Din standards and are widely accepted for its quality.
A wide range of Aluminium extrusion applications  like  Architectural, Solar, Building system, marine, Pneumatics, Hydraulics precision components, furniture, Structural Glazing etc are being catered by Alumeco India.
30% Indian market consists of customers who are (OEMS) Original Equipment Manufacturers and require high precision and high quality extrusion profiles.
Alumeco India Extrusion Limited has got three basic categories of products as listed below :
Standard 6063 Profiles
» Solid Bars - Flats, Rods, Square, Hex, Angels & Channels.
» Hollow Extrusions - Round Tube, Rectangular & Square Tubes.
» Doors, Windows, Partition & Curtain Walls, Glazing, etc.
» Engineering Applications - OEM's
» Solar Profiles
» Marine applications
» Furniture systems
» E.C.Grade/EYIE flat, Structural Glazing.
Quality policy of the Company :
We at Alumeco India Extrusion Limited are committed to produce world-class products and to provide quality services for customers all over the world
» We strive to achieve Customer Delight through establishing, meeting and continually reviewing the quality Objectives at all levels.
We endeavor to create transparent working environment where motivated employees communicate freely and where innovation is encouraged.
The top management is fully committed to implement the quality management system as per ISO - 9001 : 2008 International standards.
Quality a Motto
Alumeco India Strive to be the solution Provider and service partner for its customers. We are the aluminium specialists who can provide consultancy, logistics and know-how for our customers. We guarantee for correct products and accurate solutions right from the start and deliver on time.

It is Important to note that our customers experience more value with Alumeco India through solution based on such quality determinations as flexibility, insight, commitment and especially dialogue. Therefore, we support our customers´ activities through IT-integration, closer co-operation, day-to-day deliveries and stock management  based on a qualified forecast.

It means that Alumeco India is proactive to address the changes in burned environment for the satisfaction of all its stake holders    

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