Board of Directors
Name of Director : Mr. Ashish Kumar Gupta - Chairman
Date of Birth : 10.02.1975
Date of Appointment : 28.10.2005
Qualifications : Chartered Accountant
Expertise in specific functional areas : He is admitted as an Associate Member of the ICAI in February 1997 and as a Fellow Member in February 2002. A gold medalist (having stood first in North India) in the final examination of the ICAI and having had a brilliant academic record throughout. Providing professional services to various Indian and Foreign clients in the fields of taxation, audit and corporate law matters. Also qualified the course in Information Systems Audit conducted by the ICAI in 2003. Have travelled abroad extensively including USA , Europe, Japan , Australia , etc. Have written various professional papers / articles published in leading journals;
Name of Director : Mr. Hans Schweers
Date of Birth : 24.01.1948
Date of Appointment : 21.06.2005
Qualifications : Post graduate in Management and Sales
Expertise in specific functional areas : International Trade and Business Management
Name of Director : Mr. Anand Parkash - Director
Date of Birth : 14.08.1959
Date of Appointment : 29.10.2013
Qualifications : Under-Graduate
Expertise in specific functional areas : More than 30 years of experience in Taxation and Legal matters
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