The Company gives utmost importance to its people as they are the assets of the company. The company is having adequate number of dedicated and skilled manpower which is its strength. The Company also enriches its employees strengths through periodical training and development programmes.
Alumeco India employees have contributed in formulating company values. The employees are also putting these values into practice in a modern service company that matches the demands of the customer. At the same time the values are the foundation for creating a workplace which matches the employees own idea of a good working environment.

Alumeco India is an organization characterized by swift decision-making processes, transparency and informality. Company also have in in-house quarterly magazine to bring out the Alumeco India news to all the members of the family.

Every year, Alumeco India organizes Employees get-together as this strengthens the interpersonal relations among employees and between the management and the employees. Furthermore, the Alumeco Staff Club takes the initiative in organizing other social activities such as collecting clothes and distribute to the needy people and collecting contributions and spending for poor people.
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